Update 18

Well for those of you who didnt make it to Mustang Week 2015 here is the finishing of the build. I still cant believe that we made it !!!! Lots of long days and Late Nights but it paid off lots of people loved the car was well worth it so here we go to pick up where we left off. Sorry for the delay of the updates but the only time I had left each day was for sleep

We raised the seats 1 inch for better driver and Passenger fit

Front widshields in

getting ready to put the motor in engine compartment looking pretty good

Theres the Coyote

A/C and Power Steering installed on front of motor now ready to go in

It fits Happy Happy Happy

Lookin good

Lots of wires but I love wiring fun for me !!!!!!

On Wheels and rollers so its easy to move around sneek peak at wheels lol

Front Valance sanded and buffed


Things coming together Fast

Back on the liftto build some exhaust

Tank is in also setting up the Tailpipes

Getting the H Pipe in

While on the lift easier to put frontend together Grill , Valance , Bumper ect.

Plumbing Power Steering

Touching up a few things on the underside


Frontend lookin Sweet

Gotta Love those Wilwood Brakes

Lets get it back on the ground


Coil Covers getting some color

Back Glass speaker and 3 rd brake light panel in

Door Panels

Trunk Panels wraped and installed rear bumper taillights gas cap all on

Coil Covers painted and on the car

Hood sanded and buffed and ready

interior rear panels and carpet and TMI headliner all going in

Hood Headlight doors and LED parking lights all in and on looks like a Mustang now had to turn lights on this was about 11:30 at night just finished up the the evening


Car started in like 3 seconds so we must have done something right lol
First test grive went grat just a few bugs to work out but we have to hurry up and Haul Ass load in the trailer and get it to MUSTANG WEEK 2015 !!!!!!!!!!

Another late night of polishin and shinin couple little things to do before loading it up

WOOHOOOOOOO its Loaded up and straped down Myrtle Beach here wecome

We Made it and got a great spot in the show field could not ask for a better one Lucky us

A little mirror action to show how nice the underside is ( Rear Mirror )

Front Mirror

With the Kustom LED side markers on

A little Before and after and Why

Coil covers and regulator

Owner Lew Mesta getting the Editors Choice Award from Editor Steve Turner we feel very Honored He Picked our Car

Proud moment Builder and Owner

Lew and the 66 Coyote with there Award

On the dyno


Update 17

Had to tweek the heater hose piping on the vintage air unit in order to make them fit straight up and down to fit in the engine bay and away from everything a little cut bend and weld

4 firewall grommets and that will finish that off was real worried the unit would not fit with the trans tunnel up and inch or so from factory but it went right in with plenty of clearance

Had to extend the top of the inner fendertomake it all square for the Brain Box Paneland smoothed it up

Starting to make some patterns for the trunk panels to clean it up and hide the Battery and a little hidden storage compartment

Perfect Place for a Battery and some hidden storage Fabbed this all up and welded it in should help strengthen the car up a little as well


Starting to do some finish work on the firewall but have to move the Master Cylinder over about an inch to clear the motor. First weld and strengthen the firewall by cutting out the old and making a new maounting plate and welding in. then modify the brake petal assembly under the dash

Had to make a new pin for the pedal

Got the motor back in to check clearance looks like it worked

While we were at it we checked clearance on the heater and A/C lines they look like they will work mow also

Modified this piece of square tubing to weld in for the removable top to the radiator support to strengthen it and make the motor go in and out easily with the trans connected

Welded the radiator support on and the top support and box tubing uprights to strengthen it all up

Cut the top out reinforced it and made it a bolt in so we can remove it

made a new grill frame and grille

also put the grille mesh in the brake scoops

Radiator and air box fitting good

Getting some bodywork done on the hood

Man these hoods suck right out of the box going to be a lot of work

L E D side marker / turn lights for front going in they will be behind the paint / clear and smooth with the body


Ok here are some more pics of the LED lights going in the rear quarter the rears will be red and the fronts amber they will be smooth with the paint and under the clear

final fit on the brake scoop

most of the bodywork done time for some primer

primered up and ready for some blockin

got some of the other parts and pieces in prime moving along

underside of hood and trunk in primer

got all the suspension pieces in chassis black too


Blocked and back in the booth for another coat

took it all apart to block and paint some of the pieces inside

back together somewhar wet sanded and cleaned up

a little clear over the sidemarkers


Didnt want to bore yall with the repriming and reblocking pics so got that finishe and now some Dynamat

Yall Know from other pics the bottom is Lizzard Skinned well we did the inside ot the trunk area also

Wet sanded cleaned up and taping it up to paint

Now the FUN BEGINS !!!!!!!!!


Lets lay down some COLOR !!!

Laying out some stripes

Taping the stripes up

GT 350 H stencil for some side stripes

Starting to look like something now


Wet sanded and buffed starting to look like a real car now

Hood and Trunk and other parts getting black and clear



Update 13

Cut the brace out of the bottom of the tunnel




New Brace is in



Tunnel is back in and welded up a lot of work but got it down to almost stock height



Got the new drive by wire pedal assembly mounted



Holes are all welded up and started smoothing the firewall up



Transmission is in place and the mount we made is a removable one its all welded in now




Update 12

The Door gaps on most of these Mustangs are so tight drives me crazy so had to modify them a little. This one is halfway done but you can still frr how tight the bottom is.


Now that looks better a lot of grinding and welding. Takes some time to make it look right but I like it much better,



Here is how tight the drivers door was after moving it as far forward as i could and keeping everything in line



Got this side almost done will finish tomorrow just the bottom part left to do



The factory Stainless Headers need a little modifying I was gonna use the Dougs but found out they wont work with the Automatic they would have to be modified also so made the factory ones work. the drivers side fit s great just need to cut the bottom flange and turn it.



The drivers side need a bit more work I turned the bottom flange also. Then had to pie cut all 4 tubes near the head flange bend the header down and weld back together fits great now. I even think I might be able to pull the motor in and out with them on that would be a plus we will see soon.




Update 11

Ok got the new Phoenix transmission 4R70W with the hand held programer lets fit it all in there.

After a few times putting the motor and trans in
out this is what needed to be removed to get it in there

Its in and fits real good now gotta make a new trans tunnel and trans mount now

Starting on the removable trans mount coming along nicely


One step closer




Update 10

Some more of the boring pics but has to be done. Man this body is in good shape I still cant believe how nice it is.

Gettin it cleaned up and ready for some primer

Trans is not here yet but had to check the fit for the factory headers, master cylinder, how much room for radiator and fans, ect. an general fit plus could’nt wait to see it in there lol

Update 9

Not Exciting stuff but said I would keep the pics coming. Bumper and rear valance getting all lined up not the fun stuff but gotta be done waiting on the transmission and A/C to get here for the fun to start

Looking good and straight

Finishing up a little bodywork